Posted On: January 15, 2017

Frans is a music composer, conductor, instrumentalist (piano/saxophone) and a graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Following graduation, Frans formed a number of bands experimenting with music, fusing together his classical training background with different genres, sounds and modern technologies. Today Frans’ compositions are ambient and atmospheric, creating a dreamy and intense soundscape, for a truly immersive listening experience.

With some 30 years music experience of scoring for the film, TV and advertising industries, Frans has received international critical acclaim for his compositions for Nordic, French, British and American TV series and has also scored 3 Oscar nominated shorts: Ernst & Lyset, Helmer & Son and Skal vi være kærester? A pioneer of the Nordic Noir genre, his music for “The Killing” has contributed to setting new musical standards for crime TV and has inspired other composers to apply the ‘Nordic feel’.

Recently, Frans has scored for the 1948 movie – They Caught the Ferry – bringing his unique brand of dark-tinged tension and suspense to the film, creating an edgy mood which leaves the listener clinging onto their seat. Struck by the films energy as a school-boy, Frans felt compelled to score for this fantastic movie (without music) and his latest works – the album Sound of North (SON) – provided the perfect mood and setting for Frans to fulfil this long-held ambition.

SON brings together new works and a number of his critically acclaimed compositions, on one album. These compositions are inspired by Frans’ own upbringing and rooted in Scandinavia, incorporating his surroundings and the people in them. Through eleven tracks, Frans encapsulates the mood of ‘his North’ both mentally and geographically, presenting its unique spirit and atmosphere; a coolness, a calmness, a mindfulness. “I try to melt in with the music, follow the flow and the natural melody, not pushing my ego but let the music guide me…” …consistently pushing musical boundaries Frans compositions continually evolve taking inspiration from all that surrounds him.

Frans is now bringing SON to the live arena – from behind a grand piano, and backed by a string-quartet, Frans’ compositions entice the listener into a land of dreams and film music in their search for evocative sound images. The audience will be swept away by this unique experience allowing them to create their own images and dreams in their heads. Frans vision is for the audience to feel part of this sonic landscape and fully immerse themselves in this truly special musical experience.